Eyewear’s Fashion Icons

Musicians and movie stars alike have always put their own personal twist on things, making themselves known and stand out from the countless others in the same industry. Some of the most iconic musicians through history have taken great jumps trying to incorporate their personal style and personality into their music and costumes.

When I say Elton John, what is one of the first things that come to your mind? For me, that answer is easy, those glasses that he wore all the time. They stand out the most to me, maybe it is because when we see a person for the first time we notice their face and facial features first. Throughout the years Elton John has experimented with many different types of glasses, from small pink hearts to those huge whole face covering ones that you would expect to find on a clown at the circus. No matter which pair you remember the point is you still remember and connect those glasses to the great Elton John.

Another wonderful musician who took advantage of the use of glasses is Lisa Loeb. While Loeb doesn’t necessarily wear glasses that scream for the attention her glasses certainly help to make her style her own. If you see Loeb without her glasses she tends to look odd as if something is off, and indeed it is. Lisa Loeb takes it one step further by creating her own line of eyeglasses that you are able to get for yourself. She is truly one of the originators of the nerd chic look.

You may have heard of Tina Fey, she is a wonderfully brilliant writer, comedian and actress, who as you guessed has a signature look with her spectacles. In fact, just recently she upgraded her old style thinner frames to thicker black frames when she appeared on the Today show. It seems that nowadays the thick black framed glasses are all the rage, with other stars like Rhianna and Anne Hathaway rocking the style as well.

Our article would not be complete without having the oh so handsome Johnny Depp make his appearance for his look of glasses. While his glasses may not be as over the top as Sir Elton John’s we all can recognize Depp as having a unique style when it comes to his glasses. Typically Depp rocks the thick black frames but you can also find him sporting thinner almost aviator style frames with coloured glass. No matter what style Johnny Depp wears I think it is safe to say he is another famous celebrity that helped to pave the way for glasses becoming a fashion style and not just for people with eye problems.

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