Eye Care That Just Looks Good

Prescription Sunglasses, Contact Lenses and designer eyewear

On-site optometrist and top brand names in designer frames, from Ray Ban to Michael Kors to pick out the perfect frames and lenses to complement your style. We’ve got high-tech eyeglass lens technology and a wide selection of contact lenses. 

We also specialize in laser vision correction and preventative optometry so you can see your best and have an optical treatment plan as an integral part of your lifestyle.

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Eye Glasses

A complete exam will help us determine whether you will need a prescription to correct any vision changes.

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Laser Eye Surgery (Co-management)

Laser eye surgery can correct vision problems and we can walk you through the process.

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Contact Lenses

Contact lens technologies have come a long way. From daily disposables to complex vision corrections, all contacts can be comfortable.

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Contact Lens Fitting

Eye conditions such as irregular astigmatism or lenses with multi-focal corrections are available.

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Full Service Optometrist Clinic in Edmonton

We provide patients with eye examinations and designer frames

Great optometrists might be co-located with an eyewear store but it’s often hard to find top designer names in eyewear at the best optometrists. Our eye care clinic is the best of both worlds with top designer brand name eyewear and an in-house optometrist.

Choose new stunning frames from Prada, Hugo Boss, kate spade, and everything in between. We have the frame for your style.

The latest designer eyewear

Why Settle When you can have it all.

Comprehensive eye exams for contact lenses and designer prescription sunglasses, designer eyeglasses, and ultra-high-tech crystal clear lenses.

Experienced Optometrists

We have an optometrist on-site to provide you with a thorough exam and advanced contact lens fitting. Considering laser eye surgery? We can help with that too.

Only the most modern equipment

We have the latest equipment to test the health of your eyes. We provide optomap ultra-widefield retinal imaging. Getting an optomap image is fast, painless and comfortable. Nothing touches your eye at any time. It is suitable for the whole family. 

You want the best

Come see our massive selection of brand name eyewear. Would you like something a little more affordable? We also carry a custom line of affordable eyewear that looks great!

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Make an Appointment For Your Next Eye Exam

Book Online With Urban Vision Canada

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Not only do we care a lot about how you feel after you walk way with your new glasses, we care about your entire experience. We believe how you feel when choosing the right glasses matters. Our staff is truly committed to providing first class service to everyone who walks through our door.

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