Colour Blindness in the Smartphone Age

Having a disability, in general, can be very frustrating. They can feel inadequate and dependent upon others in order to complete daily tasks. What if you were colour blind? Do you think that would be a bad disability to have or are there worse things out there? I suppose it would depend on who you ask, while not being able to differentiate between colours can be frustrating, I am sure it is not the worst thing out there.

Interestingly, developers have come out with applications you can download for your Android or iPhone that will assist you if you are colour blind.

There are many different apps out there, depending on what you need.

  • HueVue: colourblind tools, this app was made by AppFoundry and it is a free app to download for the iPhone. This tool helps people identify, match and coordinate colours.
  • ColorBlinds Easy, made by R2Pro BV. This app helps a colourblind person to distinguish colours. Daltonize is a method to improve the contrast between red and green and with “Simulate” you can show your family and friends what the world’s colours look like through your eyes.
  • Another free app is the Chromatic Glass by Kazunori Asada. This app helps break the colour spectrum into segments that do not allow colours to overlap. This can help adjust lightness and chromaticity of colour segments in real-time to further help the user identify colours.

These are just a few examples of apps that are made to assist those who are colour blind. Take control of your life and rule your disability with the helpful apps that are now available to you through the Apple store and Google play store.