3 Reasons to Switch to Sports Contacts

More and more athletes, from professional down to the weekend warrior, are turning to contact lenses to fix their vision problems. In some cases, contact lenses are used to improve vision beyond the normal 20/20.  In the past, contact lenses tended to dry out, cause irritation and were uncomfortable during active recreation. However, as technology improved the advantages began to far outweigh the concerns. Here are some of the reasons you should switch from glasses to contacts.

  1. Peripheral vision. Playing sports that are more free-flowing and dynamic requires you to be aware of all of your surroundings not just what is directly in front of you. Glasses are not designed that way. Contact lenses will greatly improve your peripheral vision. A big advantage is being able to see what’s at your feet or on the ice in front of you.
  2. Safety. Frames can break or shatter and that can cause serious injury to your face or eyes. Eyeglasses can also interfere with helmets and headgear leading to your head not being fully protected.
  3. Improve performance. A recent study of professional athletes from a cross-section of sports revealed something most people would not consider too surprising – their vision is far superior to an average adult. When they get vision problems contacts were the best solution as they didn’t need to worry about frames moving around and sliding on them while running or skating. Another benefit that was noted was the prescriptions for the contact lenses could be made to improve acuity by more than 20/20. This brought the athlete’s sight back to their peer’s average. Improving their performance during game time.

Technology continues to develop more options for the average and professional athlete. The eyes are a key to an athlete’s performance so make sure you keep your eyes protected while maintaining the highest level of vision that suits you best.