Men & Women

A Different World

While it’s not exactly the battle of the sexes, the obvious distinction between men and women has been found to go far beyond their physical appearance.
Sort of. (More on that later)
One of these findings is a variance in their eyesight, and new studies that focus on vision suggest that men and women literally view the world from a different perspective.

Guys and Gals

While the men, in general, seem to be more aware of the smaller details and rapidly moving objects, women seem to be more sensitive to changes in colour. This is because the visual centres of the brain work differently for both men and women.

The visual cortex is full of androgen receptors (male sex hormones). These androgens are responsible for controlling the progress of neurons during embryonic development. Overall, males have 25% more of these neurons than females.

The Look of Love

Now, back to the “sort of” reference; it would seem that there is actually a physical aspect to this visionary: the fact that beauty is indeed found in the eye of the beholder rings true when it comes to your eyes.

The pupil has been found to appear wider in women than in men. This could be connected to the desirability and attraction of the sexes.
Let’s back up.

Pupils are like the shutter of a camera. They are the opening in the centre of the eye where light enters, going through to the lens which focuses the image on the retina. When more light is required, the pupils enlarge. When there is a bright light, the pupils will contract.

There is an unfounded theory that sexual attraction lies in the pupils.
Men seek out fully dilated pupils, which indicate the highest form of desirability, while women tend to be attracted to mates with medium pupils, which hint toward a potential love interest, rather than a lustful rendezvous.

So the old adage does ring true; keep that in mind when someone claims that you are “the apple of their eye.”