Trendiest Glasses Shapes & Styles for 2020

It’s almost 2020 if you can believe it. And there are some fun trends in eyewear to check out:

Natural Colours

Paler colours, like pale grey and blue, or natural looking taupe, or even clear, is a popular look for 2020. We’ve done the dark, thick rims – now we’re looking at framing the eye in pale. Simplicity, comfort, and natural – this is the look that you will see on the faces of the trendiest in 2016.


Related to natural colours is the trend of pale pastels. Dusty pinks, baby blues, calming lavender – all colours that will help you follow the ethereal bohemian trends of 2020. Feminine and pretty is the name of the game in eyewear this coming year.

Round Lens

The round lens aviator style has been described as Mad Max meets James Dean. Round lenses, metal nose bridges, and translucent plastic frames make the look, and many celebrities are already showing off this retro-futuristic style. Round lenses in general, though, will be popular.

Browline Frames

I can’t help but see Malcolm X when I see these frames, and they are making a comeback, though they are being updated from the traditional look with fun metal or architectural details and vibrant colours, including coloured lenses, for 2020. Blue browlines are especially popular.

Wayfarers are a timeless style that never goes away. This season, they are updated with dual-tone frames and sporty accents. They can look a little hipster, but sophisticated all the same.

Exaggerated Cat Eye:

Not everyone has the wildness to pull these off, but there is no doubt that they are trendy in their exaggerated chicness. A statement piece, especially in something like hot pink, will make your face the talk of the next party.

Ready to embrace the trends of 2020?