Glasses and Make-up

Eye-glasses can be a fashionable way to show off your personality, while the magical wonders of make-up can improve up the beautiful features you already have.

But when you put the two together, that’s where the trouble starts.

For some, wearing eye-glasses and maintaining a make-up routine can be a challenge. Your lenses get dirty from the residue, the shadows under your eyes seem deeper and darker when you put your glasses back on, and your skin can look washed-out.

Looking for a way to do your make-up every day and still have time to wipe down your lenses? Here’s a quick, simple guide for glasses wearing beauties on how to feign mad-skills on the cosmetic front.


Prep your face with an unscented moisturizer. Sometimes, the reflection from the lenses can highlight any dark circles. To help ease this, dab a little bit of neutral coloured concealer under your eyes, then choose a light foundation or all-over powder base that will brighten your complexion.


Mascara is a wonderfully eye-enhancing invention. And if you wear glasses, then you know first-hand how your mascaraed eyelashes can hit the lenses, and leave flecks everywhere.

That’s where the coveted eyelash curler comes into play. Curl your lashes once before you apply your mascara, and once afterwards. Repeat as necessary. This leaves you free to use as much mascara as you like!

Eyeliner plays a big role in making your eyes look bigger. Really! If you’re a fan of the thick-framed, heavily banged, quirky celebrity fabulousness of Zooey Deschanel (as most of us are!) then remember that the thicker the frame of your glasses, the thicker the line on your top lid should be. Eyeliner is amazing! Seriously.


Find a shade of lipstick that complements the colour of your skin and work the pout factor with a bold red or pretty pink. This works best if you keep your eye make-up neutral, so you can play up your lips without overwhelming the rest of your features. If you’re into a more polished look, go for a glossier type lipstick for a subtle shine.

With the right combination of make-up and confidence, you can make your glasses the perfect fashion accessory!