Eye Colour Personality

Did you know that actual studies have been made to determine that there may be a link between the colour of your eyes and your personality?

The meaning behind your eye colour:

Dark Brown/Black Eyes:

People with dark brown or black eyes are seen as natural leaders.

They also happen to have more melanin than others, which acts as an insulator for connections between the brain cells. This means that the darker your eyes, the more melanin is in your system. And the more melanin, the quicker the brain works.

It’s also neat to note that people with eyes that are so dark brown, they appear black have one of the rarest eye colours.

Blue Eyes:

Your soul is strong, and your physical strength is solid. Many people may not see this, though, since people with blue eyes can repeatedly be perceived as shy or indifferent.

Grey Eyes:

Dark grey eyes are considered another shade of blue and have more melanin than light grey eyes.

Dark grey eyes mean that you are a very rational person. You’re able to balance the needs of those around you, but have to ensure that your emotions are in check.

Those with light grey eyes are known to have emotional walls up. You like their comfort zone and that’s where you plan to stay, though you won’t admit to appreciating those who can break through your wary exterior and finding the true you.

Green Eyes:

Having green eyes make you an alluring creature. Most people want to be you, with a study declaring that a majority of people would be more than happy to change their eye colour to green.

Green eyes are the declaration of perfectly balanced melanin levels. This means you have the best of all personality traits ranging from the bold, affable spirit of those with brown eyes to the inner and physical strength found behind those with baby blues!

Brown, blue, grey and green! It would seem that the eye is truly the only part of the brain you can see from the outside, making it literally a “window to the soul!”