5 Ways To Help Your Child Overcome Their Fear Of The Eye Doctor

Children dread hospitals and doctors — the thought that they are going to meet an eye doctor will even give them a chilling effect, but all this can be changed through helping the child overcome the fear. Here are five ways through which you can help your child to always look forward to those eye clinic appointments (Or at least, dread it a little less).

  1. Prepare the child by telling them what to expect. Early childhood experts say that most children dread the moment because they are not aware of what to expect. You may not know exactly what will take place during each visit, but do your best to explain the basic procedures. You may also consider bringing them for your appointment before they have one of their own. Seeing that no harm is coming to you will go a long way in resolving their own fear.
  2. Explain in a language they understand the purpose of their treatment and what would happen if this was not done. The child will agree to face the eye doctor to avoid complications which might make their lives difficult.
  3. Choose a clinic where the staff are children friendly. Most clinics are, but when scouting for a new clinic, it may be best to ask if they deal with children. When a child loves the staff and feels comfortable, he or she will not dread going to the clinic, in fact, he or she will be looking forward to those visits. (And the treats that sometimes go with the visit.)
  4. Be with the child during the whole visit. This will give him or her confidence to face the procedure. It can be scary when the child is left with strangers
  5. Encourage the child to face the situation. Remind them of how big they are getting, and that you are proud of their bravery. Children love to believe that they are impressing you. Show them that they are.